Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Diary Entry #0048: That Thing Called Absence...

So, three months is a long time, right? I mean, three months ago it wasn't the eve of Christmas eve yet. Three months ago, the weather was still scorching hot.

Three months ago, I was still actively blogging.

I've been gone from the blogging world for three months and for that I am really, really sorry. I'm so sorry to all the authors whose upcoming books I signed up to reveal the cover. I'm sorry to all the authors whose books I signed up to review. I'm sorry to all the bloggers who organized Release Blitz for some books. And I'm sorry to all readers (if there's any) who didn't get any new materials from me for three months.

It's all going back to normal now. I will post a few reviews I've written about the books I've read while I was on blogging break. Also, like last year, I'm going to post my "Top 15 of 2015" and "Best Book Covers of 2015" articles. Watch out for that.

Also, come 2016, the book reviews for upcoming 2016 releases are going to be posted weekly or as often as my schedule will allow me. I've already read some and they all sound very promising.

I hope you will all still be with me as I continue on with book blogging. I love reading and I love writing reviews and I hope you get something from me and my words.

I love you, bookworms!


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