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Diary Entry #0047: My #ForeverMoments—Of Course They're About Books

#‎ForeverMoments all stemmed from Jennifer L. Armentrout's title, FOREVER WITH YOU. This is going to be a day about celebrating and sharing the moments that stay forever with you—and the people who you’ll keep forever with you! There are some amazing friendships in FOREVER WITH YOU, and we want to hear about your #ForeverMoments! So go ahead and share a time when your best girlfriends had your back, or that one moment you know you’ll remember for the rest of your life, a moment that changed you in some way. And the sky is the limit with what you can do here…graphics, videos, an interview with someone who was a part of your #ForeverMoments, whatever makes you happy! Being creative, having fun and sharing your #ForeverMoments with the world is the most important thing here.

Because of this, I will share some of my #ForeverMoments with you all.

#ForeverMoment No.1—Meeting my favorite author.

Before, I thought being a bookworm is just about reading a lot of books. As the time went by, I met some really amazing and dedicated bookworms online and I learned a lot from them. One of these things is the utter beauty of attending a book signing event.

Some of you guys might know me personally and this would be no news to you, but I love, love, love Tahereh Mafi. Her Shatter Me trilogy is one of my most favorite dystopian books, EVER. So when the chance to meet her presented itself last year, I grabbed it with both hands and my whole heart.

It was my first time to attend a book signing event and meet MY FAVORITE AUTHOR. It was definitely a first time worth remembering.

Tahereh Mafi and yours truly last April 26th 2014 during #VTRinPh
The only downside was, obviously, Tahereh might have moved so she's a blur here. Nonetheless, the image of her—so very beautiful—is embedded in my mind forever.

#ForeverMoment No. 2—Meeting online bookworm friends in real life.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have a lot of bookworm friends online. We're a community. I consider myself a part of this one, huge family with the same love for different and all kinds of books. March of this year, I finally got a chance to meet some of them in person and I'm really happy since these people are those whom I talk to the most online.

The event was Confess: A Release Party and the First Filipino CoHorts Gathering organized by Colleen Hoover Philippines last March 21st.

The Colleen Hoover Philippines admins
The event, though simple, was very enjoyable. The wonderful admins prepared games and prizes as well as special video message from Colleen herself! 

Me with Janelle playing the Book Whisper Challenge
It was a #ForeverMoment because not only did I get to talk to these people I already knew, but I made some new friends, too! Aside from that, being with people who are as passionate with CoHo's works as I am is an inexplicable feeling.
This will always be a #ForeverMoment

#ForeverMoment No. 3—Finding a true friend through our mutual love for books.

Earlier, I asked this friend of mine, What do you consider our #ForeverMoment? We talked back and forth, bringing up ideas until she came up with a reply. It put a smile on my face and a sheen on my eyes.

I met her in college. We weren't close at first because we have different group of friends, but we got to know each other, eventually. A couple of weeks before my 17th birthday, Michelle Hodkin, author of the Mara Dyer trilogy went here for a book signing event. I wasn't able to go so I asked my friend if she could bring my books to be signed and she agreed. When we met again for school, a week before my birthday, she gave me my two books, plus another parcel. When I unwrapped it, it's the third book of the Mara Dyer trilogy. I was really happy at that time but then she told me to open it and there, on the cover page, was my name with "Happy Birthday!" signed by Ms. Hodkin.

Safe to say that I wasn't expecting that.

Here are two beautiful bespectacled girls :)

Hundreds of conversations, ranging from who gets to have Noah Shaw to the meaning of life passed between us. But most of all, we talked about books. Every time she shoots me a message about her current "feels" while or after reading a book I recommended is a #ForeverMoment for me. Between us, we think these are books that you need to read:

I don't have many people in my life, like really in my life, not just online, whom I can confide in and share my thoughts about books with. My friendship with this girl started out as any kind of friendship I had before but, I'm so glad to say that because of books, our friendship became more.

What about you guys? What are your #ForeverMoments? Share it with Jennifer L. Armnetrout, author of Forever With You by tweeting to @JLArmentrout with the hashtag #ForeverMoments.

What did you think of my #ForeverMoments? Were you at #VTRinPh, too? Have you met a lot of bookworm friends you found online? What about our book recommendations? Have you read all or some of it? Will you add it to your TBR (you better)? Sound off in the comments!

Meanwhile, here are some of the #ForeverMoments in Jennifer's latest book, Forever With You.


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