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Hi! I'm Sherna and I'm the owner of this book blog.

If you are an author, a publisher or anyone that has to do with books releases and wants a book review, then I am your bestie.

I read Young Adult and New Adult/Adult books. It can be a dystopia, sci-fi, contemporary, high fantasy, mystery/thriller, urban fantasy, or paranormal. As long as it has romance (yes, I love LOVE).

I accept eARCs (Kindle copy .mobi/.azw, .epub copy or .pdf copy) or physical (paperback/hardback) ARCs but keep in mind that I am a blogger from the Philippines and I understand that sending physical copies of ARCs can be a hassle. I will prioritize reading and reviewing physical ARCs.

My reviews vary in length. I can say so much about one book especially if I really loved it because I would like to point out major plus points that the book has. On the other hand, I write shorter reviews if I find that I didn't like the book as much as I hoped I would. It would be clear though, from the get-go what I thought about the book. I will include, no matter if it's a good or bad book, the strengths and weaknesses of the plot, characters, world building (in most YA Fantasy), dialogues narration and other elements that make up a book (yes, even the book cover!). My review will include details about the book (i.e. title and series title if applicable, author, date of publication, cover art, synopsis/blurb, pre-order/buy links and Goodreads link), my review proper, rating, and and "About the Author".

Aside from this blog, I post reviews on Goodreads as well as my Facebook and Twitter pages. This blog is also connected to Bloglovin'.

Normally, it will take 1-2 days for me to read and another day to write and edit my review but in school months July-February, it may take me 1-2 more days to finish reading and reviewing.

I also participate in blog tours, though I don't host them. If an author is available, I would gladly do an interview with them. Sometimes, I will also include a playlist I made for a book I've read and reviewed. Please note that I only review books that were published before 2014 if it's part of the blog tour, otherwise I will only review those that were recently released or those that are yet to be released.

If you want to have your books reviewed or if you have further questions, contact me via email at

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