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Diary Entry #0006: PH Blog Tour—THE LIGHT IN THE WOUND by Christine Brae

Title: The Light In The Wound (The Light In The Wound #1)
by Christine Brae
Date Published: July 23rd 2013
Genre: New Adult

Affected by her parent's highly publicized divorce, Isabel grows up isolated and alone, with a resolve to never fall in love and repeat their mistakes. 
When Jesse Cain enters her life, she fall hopelessly in love with him and every sadness she's ever felt is washed away by his intensity and passion. But people change as they grow up. Things can never stay the same forever. 
Jesse and Isabel fight to stay together, determined to hold on to what they once had. Isabel wonders if a second love can ever be enough to make her forget her first.

“We can't hold on to the past and let it influence what's best for us.”

It is my first time reading a Christine Brae work. From this first came a second and a third time. The Light In The Wound is a unique story about first love and second chances, forgiveness and acceptance and family and friendship that managed to tug at my heartstrings in unexpected ways.

Honestly, I didn't expect much from TLITW aside from a love triangle. I thought it was just a typical romance story. However, as I started reading it, I knew right away that this story is really distinct from others. It is rare that I read a book with a prologue as promising and intriguing as TLITW's. That prologue alone hooked me up and reeled me in as the story progressed.

The story started with Isabel when she was just very young. It told the story of her family, her relationship with them especially with her mom and her sisters and how these relationships and the circumstances surrounding her parent's divorce affected her life as she grew up.

As I see it, Isabel Amarra as a person is very passionate when it comes to those people and things she love. So much so that at times, she's being too selfless. When she loves, she loves completely to the point that there's too little love left for herself. She does whatever pleases those she love even though she's hurting by doing so. In short, those people that she give her heart to are her ultimate weaknesses. I know every character in a book has these and I accept them but that's what I don't like about her. On the other hand, her candidness and the way she grew emotionally, I think, is her strong suit.

When Jesse Cain came into her life, I knew she was changed forever. Jesse is the dark haired, gray eyed charmer when they were in high school who was ensnared by Isabel from the first time they met and he eventually became her first love. I thought of Jesse as possessive and intense. He was kind of selfish and insecure, but I can see that he genuinely loves Isabel. It's just that it came to a point where he didn't know which he loves more: his career or his relationship with Isabel. Granted, he wanted to succeed to prove Isabel that he's worthy of her and so he could give her everything she deserves in life. Aside from the fact that he's charming, this—his dedication to her—is one of the things I love most about him. 

Then there's Alex Ailey. At first, I didn't see him as a potential love interest for Isabel. He's always in the background. Little snippets of his chat with her here and there. I also didn't detect any romantic feelings from her towards him. But as the story unfolds and one conflict after another is thrust upon Isabel and Jesse's already rocky relationship, Alex's appearance became more frequent and significant. His interactions with Isabel made her laugh and was a reprieve from her problems with her family and her love life. 

These three characters were able to weave a one-of-a-kind story of love and all its prerequisites. One where the webs are so tangled, I didn't know which way it will go or who I will root for. As I said earlier, it pulled at my heartstrings in unexpected ways. The emotions it evoked from me—anger at Isabel, doubt fro Jesse and sympathy for Alex—were those that I rarely feel at the same time. Their story split me in half.

Almost everything seems resolved with the way this book ended. Almost. When I finished reading it, I'm quite happy with how the lives of each of these characters ended up being but I can feel that there are still things that needed to be made clear, things left unresolved. 

All in all, this book took me on roller-coaster ride of emotions. Really, it seemed that while I was reading, I'm feeling something from one wavelength of emotion and the next second, it's on the other side. In fangirl speak, it messed with my feels. This book made me cry ugly tears and beautiful tears, and in my standards, any book that made me sob as hard as this is a book worthy of being read and praised by many people. I totally recommend this for suckers of messy romantic affair. 



About the Author

Christine Brae is a full time career woman who thought she could write a book about her life and then run away as far as possible from it. She never imagined that her words would touch the hearts of so many women with the same story to tell. She is currently working on her third book which she hopes to release in June 2014.

When not listening to the voices in her head or spending late nights at the office, Christine can be seen shopping for shoes and purses, running a half marathon or spending time with her husband and three children in Chicago.


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